Snoop Dogg: Bush

12 Aug

Snoop Dogg is as much of an institution as an artist. He’s been everywhere, knows everyone and now even does everything with what is legitimately a funk and R&B album, Bush. Sadly, as with much of his recent work, this quality is not quite all that it could be, but it is a very pleasant listen with some stand-out moments.

First of all, the music video for “So Many Pros” is excellent in all the right ways. Snoop Dogg has always been about personality as much as music and that is really what allows him to carry this video off. The simple density of imagery in that video is astounding. The song itself is also very good, continuing the trend of R&B/funk rap that seems to be making itself known.

Additionally, “Edibles”, “I’m Ya Dogg” and even “California Roll” make great work of their guest stars. Kendrick Lamar puts on a clinic in the latter, if a slightly antiseptic one, and while T.I. is quite overshadowed by Snoop’s inimitable laid back flow in the former, the song is wonderful. The album as a whole runs slightly dry after these brief spikes, but is never unpleasant to listen to. It’s only real fault is in the lack of an edge to the whole.


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