Thom Yorke: Tomorrow’s Modern Rainbows

27 Oct

Honestly, you probably already know if you’re going to listen to this album from the title alone. Very few bands have quite as large a musical footprint as Radiohead, and fewer still have as passionate fans. Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes is a little more personal than most Radiohead albums but very familiar all the same.

Tracks like “Guess Again” and “Motherlode” run the more up-tempo electronic-but-not-EDM beautifully, while on the other end “Truth Ray” is much more melancholy. However, it’s not all standard Radiohead fare. “There’s No Ice (For My Drink)” and “Pink Section” feel almost like world music. Large sections of the album don’t worry about leaving you with something to nod along to. They are just the sounds that feel interesting at that point.

There’s definitely experimentation here that would not make it on a Radiohead album, but it’s not the kind that causes you sit up and take notice. The feeling is more of a slightly familiar, slightly novel sound to fill a groove. This is far from being a masterpiece on the level of OK Computer or Kid A, but there is not much that is and that doesn’t keep Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes from being quite a fine album indeed.


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