Moonshadow Frequency is on Hiatus

2 Aug

Their mission statement is a question – ‘Who are we?’.  The quest has taken them to the softer side of alternative music, and they seem determined to leave no musical stone unturned and no style untouched. On Tuesday, July 31st, this band unfortunately played their last gig before a self-imposed hiatus. Will the decision cut off the band’s momentum? Or will it shake their very foundation into further musical inspiration?

In a collection of songs that are as eclectic as the words that make up their name, the constant factor for the band is a grooviness which is sprinkled with jazzy blues, soul, funky punk, soft rock and pretty much anything they can mesh it with.


“Throw Yourself” is the band’s most complete and streamlined piece yet. An acapella-esque  intro is ridden into the chorus by Neeraja, a songstress who sings like sultry Duffy meeting soulful Adele, with a blues rock infused melody that reaches almost anthemic peaks at certain points. It is sad that the project has since parted ways with Neeraja.

The band picks at countryside blues in “Little Heartbreak”. And while their single dab at an instrumental, “Sea Jem”, leaves you wanting for a bit more shine, they show much more polish in their  short demo titled “SmoulderBoulder”, where the coupling  of acoustic rhythm (with a hint of palm muting) and the electric lead gives their groove a classy touch usually reserved for jazz pieces. Listen and see for yourself!

Bonus: Here and here are awesome covers by the band, paying tribute to their influences.

However, with a line-up that the band admits to be “excessively young”, and lyrics that need to be tightened, the band is moving too fast across the landscape of musical styles to hold anyone’s attention for long. To be good, you need to give yourself time. And in the band’s own words, their members have changed as often as the clothes on their back until settling on the current one.  Neeraja, particularly, seems to have been a missed gold mine, a result of their roots not digging deep enough.

With studies and alternative incomes to worry about, perhaps the hiatus the band is about to take will freshen them up when they regroup, and hopefully a more sustained package will be delivered. If they’re signed up by a label though, their philosophically clichéd question may well be answered by their decision on a morally clichéd one: should they move a bit to the right for the money, or continue left for the journey?

But until then, Moonshadow Frequency’s pieces can be enjoyed while lying on your back (figuratively), at a pub, or in your office.

Moonshadow Frequency recently wowed audiences at the beautiful Summer Sundowners Festival in Manali. You can read the Hindu’s coverage of them here.

– Rohit Ashok

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